Sense for Life

Intelligent Remote Care Service for Elderly and Frail People

The principal advantage of the Sense for Life product and service is that it provides, for the first time, a very systematic way of monitoring the vital signs of humans in an unobtrusive manner at low costs in Intelligent adaptive way. We bring design (human factors), medical knowledge, and technology together for health
We use new and state of the art intelligent algorithms suited to identify neurodegenerative disorders and anomaly in human behavior due to ND disorders, results of 3 year of research with specialists and expert in machine learning working in collaboration with major universities. Our methods behave very well on off-the-shelf and low costs sensors.
We can anticipate early sign of Neurodegenerative Disorder, thanks to movements and behavioral analysis, and (in the v.2.0) using cognitive analysis, of day by day activities and human response. In case of problems or early signs of disorders we can preventively alert a care manager, and medical specialists to promptly intervene, we may also alert secondary carers and family (on request of the patients). The specialists can check patient status, intervene promptly in case of emergency, and prepare a long term plan of care that can be followed at home. Follow up are natural and easy using our solution.