EF at Biocas 2017

Biocas 2017: the edge of tomorrow in mHealth

Torino (Italia), 19th of October 2017.



BioCas 2017, a crucial event on mHealth, worldwide, has just come to an end.

Among the protagonists, Educational Factory, bringing its own contribution from the business point of view with the brilliant presentation “Training and Innovation: How to re-design effectively our future together“, introduced its innovative approach in the development of both digital technology in the health field, thanks to the contribution of Giancarlo LA PIETRA (centre of the picture) and highly specialized training courses tailored to bio-engineers and biomedical engineers, including the enhancement of soft skills, thanks to the contribution of Antonino GENNARO (left of the picture). Augmented reality, in particular, represents an interesting common point between technological development and innovation in learning.

We are already receiving demonstrations of interest both on the Factory side (requests for collaboration to develop projects in partnership) and on the learning pathways (requests for participation in training courses).

Educational Factory, stay up to date with your future

Antonino GENNARO e Giancarlo LA PIETRA